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Hold on there... you just cast out a whole lot of assumptions specifically to make the numbers look lower.

First of all, use the full 9% (lets use 10% because its easy math and I'm lazy) - because they could use Boot Camp for steam too, but they don't.

Second, consider the full revenue for the box sales... that's what other numbers are calculated by. Not cost.

Third, count an annual subscription for each purchaser. It's not just box sales with a subscription MMO.

This puts you at an annual revenue from Mac users for TOR at $12,000,000 (box sales), $36,000,000 (sub revenue) or a total of $48million dollars in year one revenue from Mac users alone. And you cannot tell me that expense wouldn't be paid off in the first few months. it would cost nowhere near that to do a Mac port.

I have been through this for more than 3 years. I've seen every argument and calculation, and proven them all wrong.

EA was absolutely wrong in their decision, the Mac version would absolutely be profitable, and as a shareholder I've expressed my dissatisfaction directly as well.

Money is being left on the table, or more specifically lining the pockets of our largest competitor.
You guys are assuming all 10% (which i think is too high a number) will buy SWTOR. Keep in mind, gamers don't all buy every single game released. It be safer to take that number and cut it in half. So 8%, lets say 4% at best. I still think that number is too high.

Stat counters show 8% total MAC OS market share. It just doesn't make good business sense to develop for Mac OS. Which is why MAC OS software is far and few between.

Blizzard is a nice company, also a somewhat of a Mac-loving company. Most game development companies never release MAC OS at the same time as the PC version, it is usually a delayed release if at all.

Look at Blackberry, higher market share then MAC OS comparatively, yet such a small number of Apps compared to iOS. Same principle. This has nothing to do with hate or love. Just isn't simply worth it at this point in time. We will probably see a MAC OS client a year or 2 down the road.