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If you have a link to the devs saying that, I'll take it to mean something.

See, I don't see how what you've said makes Nox somehow not cunning or manipulative. He's supposed to be in training. He's not going to be coming up with all of these clever ideas on his own. Just because he used a bunch of other peoples' ideas and advice doesn't change the fact that he executed their advice flawlessly.

A more brutish person might have fudged the whole thing a million times over. Seems the worst you could argue is that Nox is just good at following orders, rather than being clever, but that undermines the survival argument, since that makes him into a big dum dum who only got by on having the right friends and ancestors. Basically makes him into a privileged moron who happened to be born from the right stock, which contradicts the "coming from nothing" narrative.
The videos were from back when the game first came out and they were speaking about the concept behind the characters. I'm not going to dig them up but I will respond to you claiming it undermines the survival aspect. Not quite. I'd argue that Nox is wise for making sure he/she has such capable allies to help him/her with things he/she has issues with. The problem with what you said in this post is that "Nox is in training so.." but we never see Nox come up with brilliant schemes of his own. The problem here is that logically, since we haven't seen it, we shouldn't take it as a truth until proven otherwise.

In real life the most successful kings and queens listened to their advisors. They made sure to surround themselves with people who had skills and abilities they couldn't in order to properly run and maintain their kingdom. If you're not a good strategist, but you need to fight a war, the most logical thing to do is befriend/hire a good strategist. I'd argue while Nox may not be this manipulative mastermind, like sidious, he/she is highly intelligent. Like I said, I'm not knocking Nox. I just find he is underestimated in certain categories and she is overestimated in others.