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I guess we're operating on different definitions of treachery and cunning.

Robot face's downfall was pure treachery and cunning.
As was taking on the power of all those ghosts.
And being reborn or whatever.
And the whole plotline with the cult.

Certainly Nox gained some "raw power" throughout, but the theme was not one of victory through raw power. The overriding theme was about solving some riddle, or orchestrating some grand manipulation, to take down an oversized enemy. Like David and Goliath.

Compared to Wrath, whose overriding theme is just pure, unadulterated power fantasy. Victory through domination. From start to finish, even with companions like slave Vette and DS Jaesa. It's all about domination.

Compare that to some of the companions for Nox, like the Khem/Zash situation. Again, like solving a riddle or puzzle. Ancient artifacts and strange rituals. The theme is more of an investigative one, of exploring the unknown and overturning long lost secrets.
Number 1: Zash's plan and idea. She told you how to execute it. If Sidious told Maul who to kill and how to kill them it isn't proof that Maul is treacherous only that Sidious is. It does show he's capable of taking out the target, however.

Number 2: Kallig's idea. He tells you that you have a natural talent for it and where to learn it. It's his plan to get you strong enough to deal with Thanaton. It's not something the inquisitor came up with on his own. It's not some technique he invented.

Number 3: Again, Zash helps the inquisitor get there. It's not something the inquisitor solves on his/her own.

Number 4: Again, not the inquisitor's sole idea.

There's not much proving that he's a cunning, treacherous, or manipulative individual. Most of Nox's ideas come from others. Nox takes a lot of guidance. The problem is most of it comes via Zash's manipulation. Why it's a power fantasy? Because the one thing she didn't count on was just how damn powerful the inquisitor was. Same with Thanaton. Despite them out maneuvering and outplaying the inquisitor his/her raw power is enough to overcome them. To be fair, I'm not trying to claim Wrath is any better. You spend most of the game getting manipulated by Baras who also finally enacts his plan to kill you and much like Nox it fails and the Wrath comes gunning for him.

If I re-call the developers have stated that Nox's theme isn't manipulation/cunning. It's a story about survival. Starting from nothing and clawing your way to the top. Whereas the Warrior is about already having power and crushing those who try to take it from you. Both are power fantasies. Just two different types.