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But that's the thing, Nox isn't an example of power through treachery and cunning, he's an example of raw power. Though the Wrath isn't entirley an example of power through treachery and cunning either.
I guess we're operating on different definitions of treachery and cunning.

Robot face's downfall was pure treachery and cunning.
As was taking on the power of all those ghosts.
And being reborn or whatever.
And the whole plotline with the cult.

Certainly Nox gained some "raw power" throughout, but the theme was not one of victory through raw power. The overriding theme was about solving some riddle, or orchestrating some grand manipulation, to take down an oversized enemy. Like David and Goliath.

Compared to Wrath, whose overriding theme is just pure, unadulterated power fantasy. Victory through domination. From start to finish, even with companions like slave Vette and DS Jaesa. It's all about domination.

Compare that to some of the companions for Nox, like the Khem/Zash situation. Again, like solving a riddle or puzzle. Ancient artifacts and strange rituals. The theme is more of an investigative one, of exploring the unknown and overturning long lost secrets.