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I beg to differ on every word.
but before that, I find it dishonest that you claim to SPEAK for an entire community.
I also find it dishonest to want something everyone else needs to farm based on the claim of beeing a 'special minority'? MMO's have had top tier 'content' achievable via end content since .. the 20th century...
But the game has to change so that a minority can do their thing without having to play the game?
I also have a feeling that RPing here means... doing FP's in BDSM costumes??? ...
You jumped down anyone that has a different opinion yet you can attack a roleplayer by stating what you did. That does disservice to a lot of roleplayers. Just because you don't roleplay doesn't mean there are not those of us that like to roleplay and I find it very insulting you made that comment about roleplaying like you did.
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