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This is a compilation of ALL the re-occuring events on the Jung Ma server. These events can be anything from Open World PvP, Rated Warzone runs, Operation Runs, or Roleplay and social events.

I decided to post a list here to help people find out when events happen, where they are happening, and who they can contact to ask questions about said events. ONLY Re-Occuring events are going to be on this list. One time only events will not be posted. If you want an event removed from the list, simply send me a PM or post here and I will delete it. Same thing goes for additional information needed.

If you wish to add an event to the list, simply PM me or post in this thread (It will help keep it bumped) with the following information and I will ad it to the list. Events can be daily, weekly, or monthly.

Event Name:
Event Type:
Location: (Coords as well if available)
Dates: (Which day(s) are these events held on?)
Point of Contact: (Who runs this event?)
Event Thread: (If Applicable)

Event Name: Discounted Drinks at the Voss-Ka cantina.
Event Type: Rolepay Gathering
Location: Voss-Ka cantina (Imperial Side)
Time: 8PM EST
Dates: Every Thursday Night
Point of Contact: Selique, Azhura, Alliandra, Koldarc Anyone from <Esoteric Order>
Event Thread: Discounted Drinks at the Voss-Ka Cantina.

Event Name: Rated Warzone Nights
Event Type: PvP
Location: N/A
Time: 9PM EST
Dates: Tuesdays and Thursdays
Point of Contact: Angeli Aetherii (Forum Handle: JediMasterSarynn)
Event Thread: Rated Warzone Nights

Event Name: Darkside Grotto Social
Event Type: RP Social (Empire/Republic)
Location: Nar Shaddaa, Lower Promenade Cantina
Time: 10 pm EST
Dates: Saturdays
Point of Contact: Vaeras or Luniara
Event Thread:

Event Name: The Jundland Swoop Race!
Event Type: Roleplay Race/Gathering
Location: The start of the track is the stone arch in the western area of the Jundland Wastes, between Outpost Salara and Dreviad Outpost. 400, -1680. The path follows these coordinates: 600, -2050; 1170, -1685; 1400, -850; 1215, -100
Time: 9pm EST
Dates: Tuesdays
Point of Contact: Joro, Republic Trooper
Event Thread: Jundland Swoop Race.

Event Name: Monthly World PvP
Event Type: PvP, RPvP
Location: Changes each Month. See the available Thread when it is posted.
Time: Generally 8-9PM EST.
Dates: Varies each Month.
Point of Contact: Selique, Koldarc, Alliandra, Inhert, or any member of <Esoteric Order>.
Event Thread: Changes with each event.

Event Name: Daily Alpha Company Patrols
Event Type: RPvP, PvP
Location: Monday: Hoth, Tuesday: Tatooine, Wednesday: Alderaan, Thursday: Belasavis.
Time: 8PM EST Each night.
Dates: Every Monday-Thursday
Point of Contact: Kontraz (Forum Handle), Alpha Company.
Event Thread: Alpha Company Weekly Patrols.

Event Name: Nar Shadaa Fight Club
Event Type: RPvP, PvP
Location: Nar Shadaa, Promenade (Violet Lounge)
Time: 9PM EST
Dates: Monday Nights
Point of Contact: CthulhuCutie (Forum Handle)
Event Thread: Fight Club And a Bonus: Flier

Event Name: Me'suum Oya'karir [Planet Hunt]
Event Type: RP-PvP (Hunt)
Location: A random planet, announced on the Monthly Hunt thread.
Time: 2100 (Server time)
Dates: (1st Saturday of each month)
Point of Contact: Clan Epsis
Event Thread: Monthly Hunt

Event Name: Arming the Empire
Event Type: A helpful event to hand out low level gear to new, returning, and Alternate characters.
Location: Dromund Kaas, Kaas City. Norther Taxi Port that leads to the inner sanctums.
Time: 8PM EST
Dates: Every Friday Night
Point of Contact: <Esoteric Order>, Sykes, Selique, Koldarc.
Event Thread: Arming the Empire

Event Name: Quartermaster Issued
Event Type: To welcome the new players, encourage roleplay, provide information, and get them involved in Jung Ma's community, Alpha Company will be hosting this RP event where we will pass out free high-quality low-level gear on Coruscant in character.
Location: Coruscant
Time: 8PM
Dates: Friday
Point of Contact: Alpha Company, Mij Galaar (Forum Handel: Houzukimaru)
Event Thread: Quartermaster Issued.
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