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07.27.2019 , 04:17 PM | #6
I've discussed this topic with some guild members of mine since PTS launched and just want to chime in with some things.

The divisors have been changed for all formulas already; there are level 72-73 and 74-75 values, but ignoring the former we have, for example, Alacrity at 1.862 and Crit at 1.3624. As observed putting those into the existing formulas still doesn't add up to what is actually required to get the desired rating. It's unlikely any part of the formula is different because the numbers (30 & 0.3 in these 2 cases) represent the hard cap, so the divisors are likely higher than they should be.

The parse dummy's HP was also noted to be higher than the module's value too; 4M was 4427689, which is a bit over 1.1x as high. Coincidentally, or not, as an unnamed developer complained about base stats being changed when I mentioned this to them, the 'correct' alacrity divisor is 2.014, which is also a bit over 1.1x as high (but not exactly the same as the HP increase).

So what does this mean? Perhaps nothing, perhaps values are inadvertently higher than they should be. The dummy HP value will be fixed next patch so we'll see what happens with the stat equations.