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06.23.2021 , 08:25 PM | #2
I agree, it does seem impossible. However, there is a trick. Stand in the middle of them and keep pressing Stomp. Stomp will damage all three at the same time. While Stomp recharges you have time to use the Simple Missile for a little extra damage against one of them, then immediately Stomp again. Repeat until you kill them all. You will be taking damage yourself, but you won't die though it looks like you will.

If you die anyway it's most likely because you weren't fast enough pressing Stomp. Don't panic. Make sure you call for the medical droid and respawn/heal there. Go back to Stomping. You should be able to kill the ones who aren't dead yet. This is conjecture on my part since I never died using the Stomp strategy.

Stomp is counterintuitive because it's always been used against the little guys and not very effective against big machines. In this particular case it is quite effective against the big machine Sentinels.