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07.18.2021 , 03:12 AM | #10181
I had two very different expierneces last night. First I queued with my guardian (dd) and Battle of RIshi popped up. There was a sage , another guardian (dd too) and a dd shadow. The shadow didn't know the fp and the other guardian just quit. We found replacement (another dd shadow) and I did the tanking as good as I could as a dd and we explained everything to the new player. They were really quick to learn and even managed - together with the other shadow - to reach the clickies without fight. We explained the last boss and tehre was no trouble. It was a fun fp and we were very chatty - really nice experience.

Then I switched to my agent and HS popped out. Ther was a level 75 tank (jugger), a marauder (around level 30 I think) and a sniper ( around level 60). The jugger and the sniper just ran around aggroeing everything and the marauder died. I didn't even had time to pick them up when the otehr idiots ran into the next fight. That was when I called it a day and just left the group. I don't have time for toxic people tbh.
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