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I seem to be getting double xp from missions but arent we suppose to get it for the enemies we kill also?
yes. and you probably are.

unlike missions where you would notice a big difference, such as the daily missions that usually give 8-17k and you would now get 16-34k xp, you probably are getting double xp from the kills.

unlike some games it doesnt show the base xp plus the additional bonus xp you earned.

so instead of seeing:
"You have earned 100 xp for killing enemy Bob Kenobi.
You have earned 100 bonus xp for killing enemy Bob Kenobi (double xp weekend).
You have earned 25 xp for killing enemy Bob Kenobi (Xp boost item)."

in swtor you would only see "You have earned 225 xp for killing enemy Bob Kenobi."
Hope that helps explain a bit more, iirc lotro had it where it would show your base xp and then the bonus xp (from rested xp)
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