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10.22.2021 , 10:33 AM | #1
Ok , I just redid the final with my bh, I always kill master Surro with my BH , even though she is pure lightside. I have never understood why it would be darkside esp for a bh. Everyone else yeah I can see the pubs real faith in the jedi and the sith either wanting to rip her brain apart and or if light letting the jedi heal her. For a bh, I can't see them wanting to do anything but let her be at peace. Its what my hunter would want for herself, not having control and doing so many dishonourable things and seeing it all the time. I think if it had been her, she would want Torin to end it for it for her, even if she had Vitiate removed from her, just the shame of being taken over. So I don't understand why it would be darkside for a hunter. Its always puzzled me, anyone?