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A snowy mountain valley village.

Planet: Meris V

Time of day: Midnight with a full moon. A few clouds on a starry night.

Map size: Roughly the same as Alderaan.

A village nestled in a flatter part of a snowy mountainous valley. The buildings are more or less modern. The idea is that this is the beginning of a mining settlement as Meris V is an untapped planet ripe for mining. There are numerous one story and two story buildings, some small, some medium, and at least one large building that can be entered and decorated. Many of the small and medium sized buildings can be entered and decorated but not all. There is also an open, snowy field right next to the village that can have decorations placed. One side of the village is a landing zone with two Starship hooks and one Starship hook in the snowy field.

Another area is the mining cave, which would be similar to Alderaan's cave at the mine's entrance (obviously without the Killiks stuff) but would also tunnel further into the mountain similar the Yavin 4's cave. The cave is completely empty so that players can decorate the cave/mine as they wish so the players are not forced into having a mine in their stronghold.

The boundaries of this area would be as such: To one side, you have a side of a hill, cliff, or mountain that is impossible to go up. At each end of the village is an exhaustion zone where it warns the player they are about to freeze to death as their health gets lower and lower. At the side of the village opposite of the hill, cliff, or mountain is a crystal clear ice cold river that flows by that acts as another exhaustion zone that also warns the player they are about to freeze to death as their health lowers.