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my question is.. should we be doing all 3 specialization paths and then pick the best for the occasion?.. or just pick one and not do the others at all?
i think we can only change specializations at an NPC (or in the field with a legacy perk).. so it does seem to me the answer is to do all 3 and then use them as desired (with switching credit costs i think).. or else changing would not be an option!
Typically, you level in one spec, and learn the others later. They're tied to your overall level; they don't level separately as you spend time-in-spec. It's a good idea to learn how to play multiple disciplines for your class, but don't worry about it too much while leveling. Just pick one you think you'll like; you can change it later if it's not working for you. I wouldn't recommend discipline-hopping between fights while leveling at all because it's kind of a pain.

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so can one build up all three paths.. and when switching the path this then keeps all of their respective ability decisions?.. and does EACH have separate action bars one can setup?... and when one switches paths (since they have different abilities) it automatically brings up the action bars for that path?.. it would be a pain to have to setup the action bars every time.. hehe
Not really. Your key path (passives, skills for that spec) is pre-baked. There's no decision-making there. Level and you shall receive. Utilities (on the right) have to be reselected every time you change discipline. You can also re-allocate those points without switching discipline if the encounter requires. (Mostly this is PvP vs. PvE loadouts)

Your action bars have no memory. You need to set them up every time you change spec/discipline. Your gear also has no memory. At endgame, if you switch from Sawbones Scoundrel (heals) to Ruffian Scoundrel (dps) you'll have to switch your gear as well. And yes, it is annoying.