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06.01.2020 , 01:04 AM | #3
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The highest Group content isn't FP's. If you want the Highest group content you need to do Master Mode Operations. FP's aren't meant to be anywhere near as difficult as Master Mode Operations.
It should be quite obvious that by "highest" I meant the highest difficulty tier (as in master mode). Of course there is master mode FPs. Casuals shouldn't feel entitled to breeze through the highest difficulty tier, whether that's solo content, 4man content or 8man content.

I'm well aware that solo content can't be as difficult as 4man and 4man can't be as difficult as 8man, but currently anything outside of OPs is just too easy even in the highest tier. And who decided that "FPs aren't meant to be difficult"? That's just your opinion, man, and I fully disagree with it. While they were never as difficult as MM Ops they were more difficult than the faceroll they are currently.

MM FPs are just horribly underscaled as they are. The highest difficulty tier of any type of content (whether solo, 4man, 8man) shouldn't be braindead, but it is