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Lv1 heal gets burnt out after a while so you gotta reduce the number of enemy before that.
Try to kill the medic first, there's one in each group. Sometimes they hide in the corner/behind box.
Just forget about aoe and focus on killing one enemy at a time asap.
Use all your DCDs one by one. If you have trouble in one fight, you'll probably want to wait pass their CD time. The one that reduces your damage taken by 99% for 4 sec has more than 1min CD time but it might be a life saver.
Be careful about the Throw Saber skill because it might aggros the yellow npc and gives you more trouble.

This FP is, ironically, much easier to run in VM and even MM simply because it's way more easier to kill the trash on the way. I also think the enemy's hp is sill wrong in SM?
Every time I try this either me or my companion die before I can finish any of the bad guys off