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My main point with this post is that Broga is alive all throughout the Republic Quest but dies on the Imperial side. It is quite clear that pub-side takes place after the Imperial side for Quesh because the General in charge of Republic forces is different on the imp side (only the Republic missions show General Korvan being the one in charge so it's assumed the General shown on Imperial side has died or been replaced by then, but Korvan doesn't die either way) and because Moff Dracen has been toppled one way or another by the end of the Republic Quest. Broga the Hutt has a "kill" option on the Imperial side, which makes no sense since he's alive and well on the Republic side which takes place after it, for reasons I already mentioned. Hence the confusion.
You're overthinking it. In any one character's universe, although the other seven class story protagonists are around(1), only the player character runs the <Story Arc>. On a one-faction planet (capital worlds, Balmorra, Taris(2)), the other three of the player's faction do other things, and on two-faction planets, the player does it and the other seven don't.

Since only one of the eight protagonists runs the <Story Arc>, there's no conflict on Quesh, since only one of the two sequences can happen. The key thing is that, as in KotFE/ET, there is no one definitive (in detail) outcome.

Nothing else makes sense.

(1) That is, if, say, the player character is a Trooper, somewhere there is a Jedi Knight, a Jedi Consular, a Smuggler, a Sith Inquisitor, a Sith Warrior, a Bounty Hunter and an Imperial Agent, all doing their respective class stories. None of those others can run the <Story Arc> that a player character could run(3). I don't know what they do instead, mind you, but...

(2) Balmorra and Taris are "one-faction" planets because at any one point in the story, only one faction goes to them. You never see Imp players on Balmorra if you're there on a Pub character.

(3) Large chunks of most of those <Story Arc> missions don't make sense for multiple protagonists to do.
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