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Y'all are overthinking it.

Think of it this way: on each planet there is *someone* running through what amounts to the class story for every class, but only the player character runs through the <Story Arc> missions. Well, them and certain others that don't make sense if multiple people run them.

Examples: the Sith Warrior and the Sith Inquisitor are both on Korriban at more or less exactly the same time. Either or both of them can murder "traitors" for Inquisitor Arzanon, or undergo Overseer Ragate's Trial of Blood and Bone, but only one can:
* Retrieve the mutant Tuk'ata brain for Lord Renning.
* Release the Jedi prisoner for Overseer Whatsherface.
* Scan the overseers for Lord Abaron (it makes no storytelling sense for more than one person to help him).
* A host of other things, all of which involve unique objects or beings. (Naman Fal's son, the research chemicals, etc.)

So, my view would be that only one of the four or eight classes on a planet (er, the player character) runs the main <Story Arc> for each planet, while the other three or seven (non-player classes) do something else instead.
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