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02.16.2021 , 03:37 PM | #148
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Heh there are two things here, you are discussing difficulty, but its about the time spent. Based on what you are saying, why didnt the Devs make the old operations to be soloable, like wow? So everyone can get them done? Doesnt matter now, right? Game is changing, no one cares about the people who spent monhts to progress EC NiM, right?
As one of those, I really don't. However, since we're discussing SP PvE space missions, you're way off base, right? When did getting Rep in those missions ever require a group? Despite this, group content should remain as it is, this is an MMO.
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Also, just a small point. Why should anyone who plays this game exclusively for any particular type of content, have to run a different type of content just to earn gear? What is that attitude all about?