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12.13.2011 , 11:01 AM | #3027
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I think they have failed the gaming community and the damage is done. It will take a miracle for them to make this fiasco right. The reality they planned early access ALL WRONG...

That are Treating EGA as a stress Beta and that is a terrible LIE to paying they are admitting their servers MAY not be able to handle all the people that have already paid for the game?

How else is it to be interpreted other than the servers can not handle the launch ??????

I am worried I paid 90 bucks for a game with terrible servers and service...

and no one talks about the Grace Period at all I guess it is a dead issue now?

My Pre-order said nothing about "waves" and staggered invites this is BULL CRAP! PERIOD!

Except no one IS a paying customer yet. as even the access time etc with the game isnt valid yet.

and besides there isnt a single person on my current server who wasnt July 21st/22nd/23rd