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While I feel that the toggle feature would make little sense from an immersion point of view (then again, there is too much already in this game that ruins immersion) and, quite frankly, the idea itself is a little insulting. Following that train of thought would lead to semi-political statements however, and so I will stop right here.

That said, there are scenarios that would make a sexuality-setting both relevant and practical for all parties, but that touches more on the same-gender [flirt] issue. I will bring this up here though, as this is the thread that discusses the possibility of a toggle feature (among other things).

In my own, humble opinion, the only way the aforementioned toggle feature would not be insulting would be if your choice of in-game sexuality (Hetero, bi or homosexual) affected certain story encounters. I recall being approached by a zabrak early on in the IA storyline. I play a female IA, and as such, I had the choice to seduce him to get out of a tight spot.

There are many similar situations in the game. If the gender of the NPC who approaches you is determined by the gender of your character, it would make sense to also include sexuality in the equation. That way, straight characters would be approached by opposite gendered NPC's, gay characters would be approached by same-gendered NPC's and bi characters would receive a mix of the two.

As it stands however, I have seen nothing that suggests that the gender of such NPC's aren't completely fixed. If I play a male IA, I would still be approached by that same, male zabrak (Feel free to correct me on this if I'm wrong). As such, the function of a toggle feature can easily be filled by simply choosing to [flirt] with companions and NPC's whose gender you're attracted to.

This is a game where you can, at countless points, chose to mercilessly slaughter innocent people. If that feature cannot be toggled off for the sake of the children, then neither should romantic advances.
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