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01.19.2021 , 12:01 PM | #10070
2 weeks without weird people post? O.o

Anyway, here’s mine.

Doing the daily GF ops which is Dread Palace, this tank a full augmented 306 sin but weirdly stat that have 1k-ish acc, 200 ala and maybe some crits. There’s this new thing about GF ops q where either tank/heal q outside but this tank keep insiting to have 8 members on the group. Shrug it as “maybe new guy”, never tell the group that it was their first time. Finish Bestia with no problem at all. Then Tyrans where all went wrong (not really but still went wrong.)

This tank also keep insisting that they already beat DP for couple of time but their cheevo still at 1/5. Wipe at first try then the DwT take the mantle to properly place the boss. We cleared.

3rd boss oh well, now its my sniper turn to become a makeshift tank where i got most of the agro and that tank actually die when on first portal where they keep attacking boss. Everyone who have brez decided not to brez this tank, they dont say anything but they all dont brez them.

4th boss, the lead now try explaining the fight coz its a little complicated but guess what? The tank start pulling when lead still in “get crystal in next room” explaining phase and this is where everyone start voicing their discontent toward the tank, tank got kicked after we wipe. After that the DwT swap to tank gear and we finish without problem.

This newer generation of new player really baffles me, they never listened nor want to admit its their first try and yet always wonder why everyone in group hates them. For new player reading this, please learn to listen and not be a d*ck toward others or you will turn like this tank where at least 4 player put them on ignore.