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Looks like you haven't played Blood Hunt with 3 bolstered Lowbies recently. Especially when they are under level 30.
Well, he was talking about MM FPs where he can't really meet characters lower than 70.
But isn't there a level restriction in VET FPs now (since Onslaught)? As in what is available in GF opens up as you level, so BH only should come into play at level 50 or 60 anyway?

Generally MM Fps aren't really gear dependant but looking at someone's gear might give a clue of how well they will listen and follow directions. Though looking at how many FPs (especially the more difficult ones) they did probably is more helpful for that.

To return to the actual topic of this thread:
Spirit of Vengeance MM a few days after release, group of three from my guild, tank and two dps (that usually play healers until recently) and a random healer.
Since we did the FP a few times before the mechanics were mostly clear though the execution not always the best since the two main healers struggled with playing the dps role too.
The healer didn't say hello but already moaned in chat for getting into that FP again yet he didn't leave the group. He clearly wanted to get through quickly though and had an annoying habit to pull stuff himself.
The bosses went not perfectly but alright, nobody blamed the healer for dying from their own faults and the healer only died once at first boss, also due to himself ignoring the mechanic and not using any ability to get free from the root.
Then comes Troya Ajak as far as we understood at that point the player targeted by that canalised shot moves to hide behind a corner or edge to avoid the damage and not get one shot (the run was still before the patch that lowered the damage significantly). Unfortunately it didn't work either due to players being to slow or the shot still killing them despite being behind cover, the boss died in the first attempt though and it was us who died and nobody complained towards the healer.
The healer though started writing condescendingly about whether we did the FP before (again, it was a few days after release) and knew what we were doing there, one of our DPS wrote truthfully to have been there once before.
No answer given to that, not an explanation what we did wrong there or anything, just the vibe of *gods, are you bad! what do I have to put up with here* and more pulling trash and last boss by the healer plus leaving at the end without any further word.
That player was collectively ignored then. We have no problem with being told being bad, but without specific explanation of why and how that's not just rude but simply utterly useless.
How do players expect inexperienced players to learn and do better next time if they don't even tell them what went wrong.