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12.13.2011 , 09:22 AM | #945
Quote: Originally Posted by ashtonx View Post
Early Access is not a gift, it's a promotional service that was promoted on the website.
People paid for it, paid for the game, and it's standard procedure to reward people who pre ordered the title.

In one of the interviews they said there's as much pre orders as there was beta testers during weekend. Well i haven't seen any queues or waves on beta weekend.

Sure i can understand people who pre ordered early to be patient and understanding.

However people who pre-ordered after beta, when they saw banner about up to 5 days early access.. well they're gonna get pissed if they won't get in on 15th.

Also, lack of proper information and details is simply insulting. There is no proper explenation about why the hell are there waves. Game went through stress test during beta weekend, they know how many people pre ordered. They should have enough data to know how and when people can access...

Early access isn't a friggin beta, it should be treated like a normal product, sure server overloads and crashes are something that can be expected but treating people like some test subjects and not providing proper eta and information is just an insult.
first of all its the 13th so according to your post they should **** til the 15th. this is of course ignoring your stellar logic that UP TO 5 DAYS early means everyone gets in on the 15th. LOL