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Thanks for the information on all those player groups.

In regard to Iota Squadron, they were who I was giving a slight nod to when alluding to the "other, many aces." I am not too familiar with them besides the fact that I know at least one of them has a YouTube thing going on with GSF or they at least used to.
Yeah at least Yo-wan and Heizen made lots of videos way back when. Former still pops GSF vids out on regular basis. World famous youtuber Big D gaming was a member and did an epic Machima for the squadron! Besides that, Iota's weird former leader had a thing for making "missions" for the GSF Squadron via mission editor of Tie Fighter! Your post got me memory laning pretty hard lol.Good times.

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I haven't touched most of the older flight sims since I was in High School. I did pick up X-Wing recently and I swear I will try to beat it sometime, but gosh darn, despite all the good things I can say about it, the level design made me hate it (almost.) It's like GSF, but your team mates are useless and you have to fend off half a dozen respawning Manglers by yourself within a tight time limit.

Been a long time for me too. Though I gave Tie Fighter a spin like 4 years back since I was fiddling with mission editor already. Was surprised to notice it still felt like an excellent game. Unsure how much of it was nostalgia boosting things tho.

Can't wait to see what becomes of this project. Looks incredibly good and ambitious. And strangely, apparently quite close to release. They been beta testing for a month now.

It is great to FINALLY have some sort of a spiritual sequel to these games in Squadrons. I wish they make a bit more ambitious and bit more single player driven sequel to it one day. Pref. not after a 20 year wait.

I warmly recommend you taking a closer look at Emperor's Hammer and their Tie Corps tbh! Judging by your writings, I think you totally have the..heart strings to really enjoy what they are doing!