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I think I mentioned this earlier, but regardless... I'm certain the real reason we're not getting companion SGR (yet?) is because of just how far below expectations SWTOR's performance has been. The game is still in full damage control mode, where EA is doing its best to (short-term) generate as much income as possible at minimized costs.
This is my presumption as well, but also the reason why I'm still hopeful. The fact that Hickman mentioned that SGR companion romance options, or at least some more fleshed out SGR options, have been delayed and that there's more to come.... I do believe in that.

When, that of course is another thing, but should this game be able to get back up on its feet (which it seems like at the moment), I really do hope and expect them to make good on old promises and give us more of such content in the future. And, like some people have mentioned before, I do believe, since the cat is out of the bag now, with new companions in the future, they'll likely be creating some with SGR options from now on. If not, the whole backlash thing would start all over again and I don't think they're interested in that.

I really still do wish for an overhaul of some of the old companions though. It's kind of sad, having to go to 50 without being able to have a romance in the game. That a whole lot of gametime.