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If I understand correctly, and feel free to correct me if I don't, you are saying that in some of the harder PvE content it's all about BiS item modifcations and DCD's don't mean poodo? Because that is very much untrue for tanks. The most important thing about staying alive as a tank is knowing what your defensives can and can't do and managing them properly. Optimising gear will of course help you out a bit, but as long as you're rocking augmented 306 gear proper knowledge of cooldowns is going to be vastly more important than having the exact correct mods and stat balance, as long as you're not doing something completely absurd with your stats.

And seeing Guardian on PTS currently (the only tank spec we can test currently) they come out pretty well in the defensives department. The choice between Saber Reflect, Blade Blitz and Enure will be tough, but I reckon on most fights right now very doable.
If you really need a self cleanse, you pick Enure. If you can consistenly use Blade Blitz on specific large hits, you pick Blade Blitz. Otherwise if you don't need Blade Blitz and there is something you can use Saber Reflect. If both Saber Reflect and Blade Blitz have no defensive utility on a given fight, of which there are a handful, you probably want to pick Enure for the health loan, or Blade Blitz for mobility. The only fight I'm really concerned for is Brontes, taking orbs will be a lot harder without both Reflect and Blitz, but then again Brontes came out before Blade Blitz was even a thing, so it should be doable.

All of our other defensive cooldowns, Saber Ward, Warding Call and Focused Defense remain intact. I think some people are slightly overestimating the impact on available defensives for tanks, but we'll see when we get some more classes added to PTS and can actually try some of the harder content with the proposed changes.
tbqh I was ranting a bit, and was only semi serious.

I know DCD's are still needed but I learned the hard way that fighting "Red" in Dxunn Operation where you can't DCD Cleanse, and you're taking stacks that have to be cleansed by a environmental object...

But rather than rant all over again, I'll just say A) Regarding HM/NiM Ops I was quite humbled - maybe as off tank I wasn't getting healed, but it sure felt like nothing I did regarding my DCD's and avoiding cleaves and acid pools did anything to improve my survivability. B) that Operations and PvE content are in no way similar to PVP - not that this is unknown.

It was just a really bad experience - and not because #toomanybuttons_7800707 - but because the buttons I had didn't do me any good (tbh I thought I was joining SM Dxunn... oops), so taking more of Darkness' already nerfed class and pruning more DCD's...

... just leaves me scratching my head.

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