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I'm pretty sure you just described the plot to Toy Story.

I think limiting ability access volume no matter how much will feel bad to players...Bioware will need to compensate players with a rewarding replacement system "Loadouts" and an overall FUN and rewarding expansion to overcome the frustration people will feel.

If Bioware straight up just prunes abilities, combines abilities and then feeds them back to players in a limited access loadout this will result in major dissent no doubt about it Bioware be warned...

This is not the time to bully a player base leveraging an IP or Nostalgia because we have a very large example of how that can go happening as we type.

This expansion should bring positive changes which improve immersion and fun gameplay, innovation and new content otherwise its not worth doing...
There needs to be a Toy Story 6 with a Star Wars Toy... just sayin'

But yeah we're in agreement - if they don't get this right THE FIRST TIME... this is going to be a community dumpster fire.

The worst thing to be done in a Pandemic is make player entertainment LESS entertaining.

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