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I would contest the statement that strikes are inherently underpowered, if you know how to use it right the basic Starguard/Rycer is a real killing machine, especially with the heavy cannons fully upgraded
This guide is directed at newer players, though the information it contains is good information at all skill levels. Strikes are not an appropriate choice for new players, because yes, they are underpowered. Even the devs acknowledge this:

Quote: Originally Posted by AlexModny View Post
Iíll be blunt. Strike Fighters need lots of love. The original design is that they are the Jack-of-All and Master-of-None but they have filled out this role too well and because of it are rarely a compelling option. We want to talk about how Strike Fighters can be made into a good option to bring in any match, by any skill level.
There isn't any misreading this. In their present state, they need some help. That they can be used to kill less skilled players does not make them a good ship.