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  • Master Mode bosses will drop a new material: OEM-37
    • Most bosses drop 1 in 8-person, 2 in 16-person
    • Final bosses drop 3 in 8-person and 6 in 16-person
    • Dxun bosses will drop 2 in 8-person and 4 in 16-person
    • Apex Predator in Dxun will drop 6 in 8-person and 12 in 16-person
  • Ranked PvP Missions and Boxes will drop a new material: RPM -13
    • 50% chance in weekly group ranked box
      • 5 on Weekly Group Ranked Quest
    • 10% chance in daily group ranked box
      • 1 on Daily Group Ranked Quest
    • 25% chance in weekly solo ranked box
      • 0 in Weekly Solo Ranked Quest
    • 5% chance in daily solo ranked box
      • 0 in Daily Solo Ranked Quest
  • CM-1337 ingredients are:
    • 15 OEM-37
    • 25 RPM-13
    • 5 Legendary Embers

Also, there is a 5% chance from the daily ranked pvp and a 25% chance from the weekly.. but that percentage chance is based on what? 1 RPM? So I have to play 3 weeks of solos on average to get 1 of a material I need 25 of to make 1 augment?


That means I'd need to play 75 weeks of soloranked to make 1 augment.
And I need 14 of those.. do I need to play soloranked for 1050 weeks (20 years and some change, btw)

To gear 1 character in new augments? rofl.
And then I haven't even considered the fact that you also need all the other materials
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