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The trick is making those lines work seamlessly, so that you don't notice that they're just the same line with a different pronoun - which is difficult, and when it fails, it can look like pretty bad (or worse, lazy) writing. (And there's no reason why they can't switch each line up anyway, since they're going to voice it twice anyway.)

Does that work better?
I do agree that it can be bad if not done carefully and it definitely won't work with everyone. From what I know of Risha's character arc/romance, for example, there would need to be some differences with a female.

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Head canon is fantastic. I especially love looking in on other people's head canons and seeing what they've come up with, and how they've differed from mine (there's some amazing fan fiction out there! Just not for this game, for some reason or other. ).
I've come across some Female SI/Ashara and Female SW/DS Jaesa fics if you are interested in those pairings (I'm not, personally)...there's not much I've seen else besides that.