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In a game designed like this "Theme Park" you have to actually play to support it. This is not like SWG that just merely subscribing supports it because SWG was a sandbox of endless open world events that went on for ever. This game relies on group ques to happen and when they don't, people leave.

SWG has instanced PVP but also had a HUGE open world PVP that went on ever single day and night in a place called restuss. Players didn't need que pops to appear to PVP. They could go to restuss day and night and fight in small or large 100 vs 100 fights. It didn't matter.

This is a good game, but its design requires people to log in and que. When the que pops stop, people leave and leave in groves. 188 US servers that are no longer in existence will prove what I am saying is correct.

Truth be told, SWTOR is on life support at this point. Server to server ques should have been built into this game before launch. To late to fix and my understanding is that they built this game on a sub standard engine that can not even support it even if they wanted to.

Trouble times ahead, and I am not talking about the distant future, I am talking very shortly for this game.