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09.13.2021 , 05:28 PM | #218
I saw that for the Countermeasures + Evasion combination, and implied that when I mentioned the 3 rolls with the Imperial Preparation Countermeasures reset. Still have to make the choice to get it which lessens the amount overall, but it is a low level option left to Snipers that also gets paired with movement impairment immunity that will work better than Predation, whereas the level 70 choices for Marauder make you choose between the 3 strongest DCDs available to the class. The baseline for Snipers when I was referring to it was Entrench, Diversion, Roll, Shield Probe, Cover Pulse, and then Imperial Preparation because it resets everything else. The only real DCD it feels like they are losing is Evasion from the combination (and roll heal if you want to count that being taken out) because for raids/pvp people will easily choose between the two options given at level 70 for the playstyle they prefer. It would make an extremely good hard counter to Marauders overall, which would be okay to have in the game for overall balance, but seeing how other classes are being handled makes it seem like Marauder is going to be really punishing and I am worried it will become unplayable in pvp specifically, along with losing out on a lot for pve as well compared to the utility of other classes and the options that will be left available.