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Unfortunately, some people complained loudly that we were getting too much story content with the chapters. Bioware listened to them and stopped releasing the monthly chapters. So, now we only get content two or three times a year.
Which wasn't without reason, afterall new Ops/FPs nearly stopped being released during that time. But that doesn't excuse why new story content is such an uninmaginative low effort. Imp vs Rep Malgus Corellia perpetual war-that-doesn't-progress state rehash. If anything, given fewer oppurtunities for story updates, they should've ensured it was the highest quality possible. Instead, the most intriguing part of the post-KOTFEET era is... Scourge/Plague subplot which is basicaly the finale of the KOTFEET era and has nothing to do with Imp vs Rep lol.

Sigh. Unless something major happens or changes, I have rock bottom expectations for future story updates (sans Scourge/Plague thing maybe). Ossus & Onslaught prove they have no clue how to make renewed Imp vs Rep feel fresh and interesting again and thus the overall story. People complained Episodes 7-9 played it too safe and rehased too much yet Ossus/Onslaught is far bigger offender.
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