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That's very interesting..Always nice to see some flesh and meat added to bones when it comes to Piloting business! As fate would allow it, some of the Squadrons you've listed have namesakes that are actual entities in GSF sky of SWTOR.

Here is Iota Squadron, for example Iota had its roots on Progenitor and is now on Darth Malgus..tho maybe hibernating, I'm not sure. Besides Iota, Proge used to have Vermilion Squadron&Red Squadron. All theree were RP communities combining roleplaying and GSF. Red Squadron of 1st Expeditionary Fleet being something of a grandfather of the others; they RPd pilots before GSF was even a thing. I recon each can be found on Malgus now, though hard to say how active they are.

Star Forge has Sabre/Ghost Squadron, which is an ancient Pilot community that has been up and running since mid 00s or thereabouts.

Emperor's Hammer is another pilot community that is still somewhat present on Star Forge. There can't be many older still living Guilds established arond video games, they were founded somewhere around early/mid 90's. It is a guild(or a clan, if you will) that was all about flying the classic XW/Tie fighter games together. Im sure they busy having time of their lives with Squadrons atm.