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11.27.2021 , 05:03 PM | #46
Am I the only one who feel we are going into the dark times?

I mean the pruning is too hard on Marauder, it was THE class who has the less abilities, and now it has even less, all of that for what?

  • The was majorities of choice on different tier are worthless, everyone will pick the same making the whole "choice" irrelevant.
  • Base mobility is far inferior to many other classes making us forced to pick predation and making the other options useless.
  • Survival is nerfed to the ground half of defensive CD are gone making us currently more fragile than a sorcerer… (WHO CAN HEAL TO FULL!)
  • PVP is going to be a nightmare, I don’t see anything except Fury doing something else than being a target dummy and die time and time again.
  • Control? seriously putting force choke on the same tier as undying is probably the most insane thing I saw.

As it is now Marauder feels like a PVE only class, like a Paper Tiger … in space : Frustrating and not fun to play at all.