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11.21.2021 , 01:02 AM | #43
Hello Jackie. Im with everyone that says that you shouldn't make your LOYAL SUBSCRIBERS choose between Undying Rage, Mad Rush and Force Choke . Personally, I don't mind not having Mad Rush as I use Force Rush more often, but please please please PLEASE let us have Force Choke and Undying Rage simultaneously. I'm pretty sure you wouldn't want people to be flocking over to another class leaving the Marauder player count little to none (maybe a bit dramatic). Anyways, I hope to see this change soon as I am very much looking forward to playing the expansion.

(Either I stay a Mara or I go play Sin which by the way I wouldn't like because I prefer the voice actor for Sith Warrior haha)

Anyways heres my 2 cents of a dramatic post.