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11.15.2021 , 07:43 PM | #42
I play Carnage marauder the most. In fact, I have around 20 of them across the three English servers. Please, for the sake my of my continued interest in the game, do away with forcing me to select between Mad Dash, Force Choke, and Undying Rage! I use all three regularly and having to choose between them is a bit of a deal-breaker for me. I remember when Mad Dash was introduced to help with PvP, and it can obviously be used for PvE as well. It was definitely a worthwhile addition. Also, what happened to Intimidating Roar and Obfuscate? Having to choose between the three aforementioned skills not having those last two pretty much castrates the survivability of the class when doing heroics or dailies, let alone PvP or clearing trash in Veteran/Master Mode whatever.