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I realize you are trying very hard to seem as if "YOU" know what your talking about Sir. However, those microcosmic levels you are talking about is WRONG. If they wanted to test the download game client then why allow early download? You fail Sir with your analogy. Furthermore, those microcosmic levels should have been fully tested with the open beta as well. If not then BW DOES fail at testing.

'download game client'? What the hell are you talking about?

Do you not understand that this is still a new client of the game as of...what was it, last thursday they allowed pre-load finally? Do you realize that the production servers and the development servers are completely separate pieces of hardware? And might very well not even be in the same location?

You're talking about a change from a temporary beta infrastructure to a full-scale long term production infrastructure with a new client and a very different type of player.

They're allowed to make sure everything doesn't just blow the hell up on launch day, to make adjustments on that micro level before it becomes much more difficult to manage when 38274289347293847239847234985745 people come home on the 20th and download /install from disk and try and sign on.

So, please, again: SHUT UP
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