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06.17.2021 , 03:59 AM | #73
Been looking for a mandalorian guild since my return to the game on a new account... Spent a hole lot of money on this account to try and bring it close to my old account... I stopped playing back in rothc back in the day lost my old email yadda yadda yadda lost my pc was living on disability couldn't afford new pc... Before I was a former founder of the guild Pax Republica a pvp raiding guild based of maturity as in actions not age drama free guild but they have fallen into more of a social hub without much activity... When I came back to the game my buddies were all imperial/sith and I have been a fan of mandalorian culture long before this game was announced. My mando'a is quite rusty but I have a job that pays anywhere from $115 to $180 a day so if my pc crashes I can easily get a new one... When I said disability earlier I'm an autistic type 1 idiot savant(130-140IQ range), adhd, major depression disorder, complex post traumatic stress disorder from domestic abuse and paramilitary service which comes with comorbid anxiety disorder... My dad is a bit dislexic and it lightly effects me with my grammar and how things are said so when orders are being given I may ask for orders to be repeated so I know I'm doing something correctly... Even though I kind of don't sound like it now I'm a pretty chill dude who like things to be orderly which oftenly gives me community or officer duties which I will note I hate officer duties because I hate being the guy everyone hangs around or goes to for problems what not... I have spent a lot of money on cartel market reguarding inventory space, max level characters except jedi guardian and consular in the fashion that didn't skip story so I can get those legacy unlocks, and a whole lot of mandalorian armors, weapons, and other things... Game has changed considerably since I last played, my skills are quite rusty, some things are totally different now, and other things are quite new to me... Lastly do to my real life name being my oath I usually play support roles like tank and healer...