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I had actually posted this in another thread. It is updated to include other companions I or my husband have acquired.

Remember this is my opinion and my opinion only. I have no delusion that my opinion = fact. That being said here are my thoughts on some of the characters. I know the list is short compared to what is in the game. I'm in college right now, so playing hasn't been happening too often. Thus is the life of a student. -shrug-

Just as a side note: Sometimes you really can't tell if what a person's preference is by looking at them or hearing them talk for five minutes. Sometimes, it takes actually getting to know a person. Not that I know these characters very well...but you get the idea.

Jedi Consular:
Theran Cedrex: Bi/Gay. Could be the reason he has a holographic girlfriend...Just speculation of course. (I haven't gotten him on my Jedi Consular yet, but my husband has, so I have only been able to see the part of the Consular's story where you acquire Theran as a companion.)

Aric Jorgan: Bi/Gay/Straight... No idea. I'm just barely in Act 2 on my Trooper and have just high enough affection with Aric that he is starting to open up.

Elara Dorne: Straight. Personally, I think she's too conservative for anything else, as of right now anyway. (I actually had her in my party when I was on Nar Shaddaa. She really doesn't like it when your Trooper goes against regulation and flirts with the SIS agent. I did it just to piss her off. )

Bounty Hunter:
Mako: To be honest, she comes across as being a little sister to even be a romance option. That aside, I would say straight.

Corso Riggs: Straight. It could be his good ol'boy attitude, or the fact that with him it seems to be "what you see is what you get", I don't know, but it just seems to me that he doesn't come across as being into men. Though, this could change with whatever BioWare has in mind for future companion romance story lines.

Risha: Bi or just straight-up lesbian. She mentions having a history with an NPC on Taris. Where I am in the story line, that could mean anything. Until I see what BioWare's future plans are with this char, I'm going with partners in crime.

Imperial Agent:
Kaliyo: Iffy/Bi. Of the characters I've run across this far in the game, she is the hardest to figure out. At least on the Sith side.

Vector:Straight/Bi. I can't explain why this is. Maybe he just seems as though he would be a little more open to other options.

Sith Warrior
Vette: Straight/Bi. I don't know that I can see her as a complete lesbian, then again my SW is only level 13, so I haven't played long enough on this char to get a handle on Vette's personality other than she seems to be very happy-go-lucky.

Again, what I have listed is merely speculation from someone who likes to write and pays attention to the character of people, fiction and non-fiction. To state the obvious, a lot of these characters have current story lines and personalities that could progress as the game progresses. It will be really interesting to see what BioWare has in mind for them.

Behind the scenes:
1- I wonder if BioWare already has some script written for future romance interactions.
2- It wouldn't surprise me if BioWare already has voice actors all lined up and ready to go for future story lines.
3- I understand this is a business and BioWare needs to do what is most financially beneficial to them (after all, if the company takes a financial hit because of a bad decision, future content will most likely not happen). If that means making the current companions/romance options Bi, so be it.
4- It doesn't matter how well a game is made or what changes are implemented , people will still complain. Not everyone can be satisfied.

Edit: Blarg. I should have posted this after I had some sleep. Just to clarify, I haven't gotten far on some story lines. As I said before, what I have posted is speculation and I even make mention, in some of my explanations (which should be in all explanations, but I didn't feel like repeating myself), that companion story line/personalities could change as the character experiences growth. Again, this is all dependent on what BW has in mind for the future of these, and other, companions.