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but the word Challenging is subjective. If your a NiM raider and run with NiM raiders then MM FP's will and should be a snooze fest. If your the type of player that solo queu's and is a story player then MM FP's will be challenging. So the debate here is what type of player is the intended target. From launch it was clear they were meant for training people to do SM/HM Ops since they dropped Tionese gear on every boss except Columi on the last boss (Columi was the Story mode Operation gear). It taught people how to be ready for Raids. So are they more to the point of a training tool to teach people to follow mechanics for Ops (so for casual players) or are they supposed to be for the 1% NiM raiders? if they are for the NiM raiders then that will mean less people do them I'm sure.

I remember when Kaon Under Siege and Lost island came out. I remember how many times I had to wait for replacements because people didn't want to run them because they were more difficult then any other FP.

While I haven't tried to actually solo or 2 man any Master Mode FP's myself other then Hammer station which is usually easier then the others. I find it hard to believe the rest of them are that easy because I constantly seeing people complain about the Balance issues between HS, and other FP's which are claimed to be to difficult. (which includes Umbara, Chiss, and Nathema from what I've read on these very Forums).
This. Challenging is subjective whether you are talking about playing a specific class, advanced discipline or content.