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Precisely, for MM FPs to be faceroll-able, the team makeup is critical. You may have gotten lucky with DPS when you tanked Blood Hunt with a Sniper and a healer that is new to MM. With the state of pugging these days, luck counts for a lot. You usually have more leeway when your good DPS is ranged, especially in newer FPs, and all my bad experiences with Meridian and Chiss happened because of melee DPS.

Also, as for WoW mythic mode dungeons, from what I can tell, M0 is about as faceroll-able as older MM FPs (especially since gear makes an even greater difference for DPS and heals in that game, and often it seems that many WoW players wait until they out-gear content to run it, especially if they out-gear it by a large margin) and how challenging M+ gets depends on the week since the extra mechanics also depend on the week.
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