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I sometimes think posts like this are just showing off; is MM Lost Island really a faceroll, particularly with newer players?
I think you have it right.

The players complaining about the faceroll easy MM are probably also the ones who will only run in pre-made groups with other raiders. They run with HM/Nim raiders in fully optimized top gear, and then complain how easy it is. I think these types of players also underestimate how important the team is in a lot of the harder content. If you find stuff too easy, it's not necessarily because you're such an awesome player, but more likely because the other 3 people you're running with are good players.

Try pugging, a full pug, not one where 3 of you pick up a 4th player from the group-finder. If you land in a less then perfect group, don't rage quit, but instead tough it out. I think you'll find even a Korriban can be challenging if the dps aren't quite up to par, the tank's a little squishy, or the healer's not quite fast enough to make up for a mistep with mechanics or defensives.

(BTW you can already remove the vet stacks if it's that important to you. Use 268/270 rated gear. It will mess with the gear drops, but you'll get that extra little bit of challenge.)
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