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slight correcntion to the above...

6.0 RAISED the failure rate by 5% across the board, and later reduced it again for grey difficulty. companion level has absolutely no effect on failure rates, only crit.

AFAIK the current failure rates are
15% Orange
10% Yellow
6% Green
?? Grey

I'm pretty certain of these values, based on the rare failures of orange missions at max amplifiers (+13.5% Success)

these are based on the old rates of
10% Orange
5% Yellow
1% Green
0% Grey

Failure rate is a separate stat that only applies to crew skill missions, and is rolled first as a pass/fail check, BEFORE rolling for crit / success.
  • Rolls For Failure
  • IF Fail, give failure rewards (nothing / jawa junk)
  • IF Pass give basic rewards, Roll for Crit
  • IF Crit, add Crit Rewards

As you can see from the above, there is no roll for crit if you hit a failure, and even if you somehow had 100%+ crit, you could still fail. So, if you ever try to calculate whether you crit rate matches what is expected, remeber to throw out all failures or you will get a value lower than expected.
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