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06.04.2021 , 06:46 PM | #7
I have manage to get the UI set up to be easier for me to see, more, still have issues with the effects icons, I don't think I can place'em to be easier to see., without being in the way.

watching your videos, has helped me deal with pilots such as yourself, learning how to deal with some of the tactical maneuvers you use , still need to work on that but getting better. I had noticed your approach pattern towards gunships, basically copied that, and getting more GS kills

One thing I had issues, with is quickly changing where the power is going, you seemed to do it effortlessly , only thing I could think of is like some of the anime's I've watched, you see someone typing with 20 mechanical fingers, figured you must have been surgically altar and had that done to yourself, then after many many matches, I forgot I still have thumb buttons on the mouse I could use, HUgh hugh improvement there.

yeah defiantly learning and improving, by watching your videos