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I like the idea in giving the player a choice to hide the actual {Flirt} word itself that pops up identifying the flirt dialogue on the convo wheel. I see where from an RPing standpoint that would be even more immersion for the player. Might be a good idea to post that in the "Suggestion" area if it haven't already been posted.

And I agree that simply removing the [Flirt] text next to the dialogue for good would violate the whole "You won't be tricked into romances," bit. Personally for me I love that they have our flirt options identified, after playing Mass Effect 2 and repeatedly accidentally giving Jacob the wrong idea, The PRIZE, I like know what I'm going to say...

Back on topic, someone mention they hope that when they add SGR content that it's added in a patch and not a extra download that you have to pay for and I agree. In essence the game was shipped short of a bit of it's planned content so we shouldn't have to pay for it.
I think I can say for many of us that releasing SGR as a paid xpac wouldn't be fair to this side of the fanbase. It isn't a deal breaker for me personally, but I know some would feel otherwise.

You know, if it had been any other company that hadn't set precence on SGRs already, I would not care as much. As it is, this is Bioware, known for their SGR context and I'm sad that so many people are left out.