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Optimal Stats for all 24 Disciplines to Maximize Average DPS, DtPS or HPS in PVE

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Patch 5.0.1a

Warning: No longer being Updated.

The goal is to find the set of Character Stats that would yield the best expected DPS/HPS/DtPS for any given Stat budget. To accomplish this, a method was utilized to accurately and repeatedly calculate the expected DPS/HPS/DtPS for each of the 24 Disciplines on a time averaged basis. With this method it becomes possible to iterate through all of the stat combinations in order to find the stat combination that would yield the best result. This approach focuses on PVE single target, Operations Target dummy encounters for the DPS, Average Boss Damage Profile for Tanks and a 3 target approach for Healers.

Previous Changes:

In 4.0, Knights of the Fallen Empire arrived and with the focus on story comes with a whole host of behind the scenes changes that affect the gearing meta. There are many new tiers of gear, a level increase of 5 levels, new passives for every discipline, stat consolidations, changes to existing Stats of Critical and Accuracy and the introduction of Super Crit.
5.0 brought RNG gearing. I am not a fan of it, but my enthusiasm for SWTOR has been dropping for a while.
The method I used to find the optimal gearing was to build a mathematical model that incorporated as many variables as I could find that defines the combat in Star Wars The Old Republic. This mathematical model was used to test various gear combinations and the result that had the highest average DPS was returned as the optimal value.

”All models are wrong but some are useful.”
- George Box, Statistician

I am not infallible and all dps, hps and dtps numbers here should therefore be taken with a grain of salt because of this. I do try to continuously learn and improve so the numbers in this post will change with new information and corrections.
Another reminder is that it is next to impossible to spot any differences between specs that are within ~100-200 rating of the optimal setup, so don’t feel forced to take exactly these numbers. Most of the time, the model’s results for the different stat setups are within a few dps of the top result. Use your own judgement to match your playstyle..

5.0 Gearing Changes:

4.0 Stat Changes:


DPS and HPS Calculation:

DtPS Calculation:

Optimization Assumptions:

Gearing Sources:

Standard Error:
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Co-GM of Psy-Ops on The Harbinger