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When I left, I was able to craft Mods, Enhancements, Armoring and other incidentals ( i.e. hilts, barrels...) for ANY of my characters. Now I can only build them specifically for the character that has the crew skill, meaning that crew skills are class and specialty specific for ONLY the character you are running at the time. You can't build for the other classes and specialties, unless they use similar stats.
OR AM I MISSING something that doesn't attempt to force me into spending ungodly amounts on the Marketplace.
I haven't seen you reply to the thread to acknowledge you found what everyone was talking about. You can absolutely still make item modifications for all your alts. You can build for the other classes because aim, cunning, willpower, strength all got converted to Mastery for 3.0. High endurance, low mastery Resistive armorings (for any tank of any advanced class) are made by Armormechs, and Versatile armorings (high mastery, low endurance, for dps and heals) are made by Synthweavers. Mods are made by Cybertechs. Enhancements used to be Artifcers but are now Cybertech instead. I believe those changes were made in 4.0, maybe earlier, but if you have all the crafting classes then you should still be ok. Barrels of course get crafted by Armstechs and hilts and color crystals by Artificers, just as they always were.

Augments now depend on the level as well as the type. Newer versions of Absorb and Alacrity are made by Armormechs. Versatile, Accuracy, and Shield are made by Armstechs. Critical are made by Synthweavers. The old looted, low-level schematics will be in an archive category in your crew skill schematic window, and you can still make them, but from 4.0 onward I believe you learned them from the trainers, with only a few (now obsolete) exceptions.

The pieces you make should all be tradeable/sellable, assuming they are not bugged in some way. They should say "Bind on Legacy on Equip" for the newest ones (requiring level 71+) and "Bind on Equip" for the lower level ones.
Thank you for reading!