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OP: what you're describing isn't actually a bug. It is, apparently, *meant* to be like that.

There *are* bugs about romancing Lana or Koth(1)(2) in that part of the story, but if the game offered you the 2. [FLIRT] option, you weren't affected by them.

And no, if you don't flirt with anyone *in*KotFE* before that scene, you don't get the flirt option at that point.

(1) All those flirts you were offered with Koth are real, and allow you to lock a romance with him.

(2) Because the first in-KotFE flirt with Theron is actually *in* Chapter IX, the bugs don't seem capable of affecting his romance, and naturally, mistaking option 2 as meaning "I'd like to speak with one of you, right after I flirt with Theron" does no harm to the romance, since you *want* to flirt with Theron in such a case.
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