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05.02.2021 , 02:29 AM | #1
Hey everyone, anyone else had this issue ?

I usually have a normal ping of around 60 ms, but lately (after 6.3), my ping is usually around 150-200 ms for some reason. My internet connection is fairly okay and I've never had trouble with the ping in this game (except the usual 20.000 - 30.000 spike that at least everyone had at one point or the other).

My ping usually changes in the evenings for some reason, but today it started happening in the morning and it just doesn't go back to normal.

Nobody is downloading anything in the household on the network and I'm connected via an Ethernet cable so WiFi issues are not the thing. I've also done a speedtest and my connection seems to be fine - I get max download/upload speed that I can get and my ping is 16 (when I check my connection).

Did they remove EU data centers or something with 6.3, because I've never had these issues prior to this update.